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Decision Support


Quantitative Decision Analysis 

A structured approach for evaluating decisions with complex alternatives and uncertain financial outcomes.

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Similar to QDA that goes beyond financial and risk analysis to include other stakeholder objectives and preferences.


Assist client in maximizing revenue while minimizing investment under uncertain market conditions.

Process Simulation

Used to evaluate interactions involving multiple combinations of choices, constraints that must be honored, uncertain inputs, and a target that must be maximized, minimized or met exactly

Decision Support Services

Risk Analysis

Probabilistic Pro Forma Analysis

Complete life cycle analysis of business or project plans.  This analysis accounts for complex uncertainties in both costs and revenue streams.  It also provides probabilistic financial metrics including net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), and payback period. 

Cost Schedule Risk Assessment

Method for evaluating potential cost and schedule variances by incorporating risks and uncertainties into an integrated framework.​

Probabilistic Cost Estimating 

Powerful financial models using probabilistic techniques to evaluate total lifecycle costs at the project level.  Estimates can be used for communicating lifecycle costs to operational units and decision makers.

Risk Analysis

Portfolio &

Project Consulting

Portfolio Estimating 

Involves probabilistic modeling to estimate lifecycle costs at both the project and portfolio level.

Portfolio Risk and Opportunity Ranking

Ranks sites in terms of unique and objective parameters.  This data empowers clients to focus their resources more efficiently.

Project Management Consulting

Includes project management office consulting, process improvement, and increasing project management maturity within client organizations.

Project Controls

Including dynamic cost and resource loaded scheduling and earned value analysis.

Project & Portfolio Consulting

Process Improvement

Streamlining Internal Business Processes 

Analysis of business process for purposes of reducing redundancy and variability.  We provide technical tools for mapping current business processes, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies, modeling alternative processes, pilot test proposed changes, assisting with rollout and implementation.

Data Visualization

Statistical analysis involves summarizing, exploring, and presenting large amounts of data to discover underlying patterns and trends.  We utilize a wide variety of statistical methods depending on client need.  These include tools for statistical inference, regression and classification, and time series forecasting.

Statistical Analysis

The consolidation, simplification, and presentation of complex data in ways that can be easily conveyed to various stakeholder groups.

Process Improvement
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