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Integrity & Professionalism 

We will operate at all times with honesty, sincerity, truthfulness and trustworthiness.  As professionals, we will complete our projects on time and within budget, meet or exceed our clients' expectations, and be accountable for our results.

High Return on Investment

We seek to provide our clients with financial returns that far exceed our costs.

Executable Plans

Our work will result in plans and recommendations that are executable by our clients.

Collaborative Resources

We provide collaborative resources to assist with analyzing complex decisions and uncertainties, evaluating operational risks, and analyzing project performance.

Data-Driven Recommendations

We allow data and analysis to speak to us regarding best possible strategies.  We do not manipulate information to support preconceived plans.

Optimum Utilization of Resources

We believe that most problems in business and industry are the result of underutilization of available resources.  We are committed to helping our clients identify strategies for efficiently using available resources to achieve the best possible outcomes given the constraints of time, money, energy, technology, and stakeholder preferences.

Systems Modeling

We are committed to systems modeling as a problem-solving approach.  Systems modeling involves consideration of the entire system rather than focusing on one or a few elements, analyzing the effects of various trade-offs, and ultimately finding optimum solutions.


Optima Analytics is a professional consulting firm dedicated to helping our clients maximize the value of their projects and ongoing operations.  We specialize in the use of applied business analytics to identify optimum management strategies and advanced project management processes to ensure efficient implementation.


Timothy J. Havranek, MBA, PMP

Managing Principal

Mr. Timothy Havranek has over 30 years of experience in strategic business services and project management consulting industries.  He is an expert in quantitative decision analysis, multi-criteria decision analysis, probabilistic financial modeling, project management consulting and project controls.  He has a proven ability to optimize operations, workflow, business processes, financial investments and management decisions that have resulted in millions of dollars of costs savings for clients.  His quantitative modeling experience involves a wide range of application including: evaluating strategies to bring a new product to market; managing waters from hydraulic fracturing operations; estimating lifecycle environmental liabilities; evaluating mine closure strategies; optimizing manufacturing operations; and evaluating environmental remediation strategies.  Mr. Havranek has provided portfolio and project management consulting services to a wide range of clients in oil and gas, chemical, and automotive manufacturing companies.


Mr. Havranek holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration Degree from Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business (2006), and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Marietta College (1982).  He earned his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 1992 and was within the group of the first 1,000 individuals to achieve PMP certification.  He is the author of the book Modern Project Management Techniques for the Environmental Remediation Industry published in 1999 by CRC Press.

Network of Professionals

Optima Analytics has developed a network of professionals including economists, data analysts, engineers, construction managers, and environmental scientists that are available on an as needed and project-specific basis.

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